Friday, October 5, 2012

Update :School Break!

School Break is finally here!

Hey guys so today is my first day of my break from school!

1 quarter done 3 to go  until graduation!

Anyways I will be out of school for 2 weeks 
we go back the 22nd.

So expect a more posts at a more regular schedule as of know as well as trying to come up with a more regular schedule for when school resumes.

Tomorrow I will be posting a book haul as well as a another blog post that is undecided at this moment.

Another book review hopely posted on the 10th or maybe even tomorrow  depending on if I have the time for it

Last note for this little update I have finally read 
The Hunger Games
I know I am like the last person ever to read the book!
I thought it was good but I will not be writing a review since I feel everything has already been said about this book already.

Still unsure if I will be continuing the series
I have heard that the second book is better than the first so I might pick up the book when my library gets the copy back in

Happy reading to you

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