Sunday, November 25, 2012

NaNoWriMo Winner

Woah I have officially won NaNo. This was my first year competing so I was really happy to win. Since I am done with Nano my regular posting should start tomorrow. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

#Friday Reads (11/23/12)

I wrote this up yesterday but forgot to post it yesterday So I will post it today and hope to make this a weekly post.
    This week I plan to finish 3 books
The Hobbit
I have to read this book for my English class and I really enjoy it so far and hope to see the movie next month when it comes out.
Second book
How to read a poem
I haven't read any nonfiction in quite sometime so I picked this up as well as the third book on my Friday reads. I like the book but I was expecting a book for people just getting into poetry and this book is defiantly for people who know a little bit about poetry which I do not.
Third book
What's your Story
I picked this book up because of NaNoWriMo  I thought a little tips and tricks could really help me this month and I really enjoy this book. I have learned a lot and it is helping me with my story. This book is rather short so it will hopefully be a quick read.

So that is it for my Friday Reads. What do you plan to read this weekend?


Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Finds (Nov.23 2012)

   Hey guys I finally have found the time to post something! Whoa!! NaNoWriMo is going very well so I hope to be posting a little bit more regularly now. To those that celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you had a good holiday.
    I thought to welcome myself back I would do a meme that I hadn't participated in yet!

  Friday Finds is hosted by Should Be Reading where you showcase books that you have found in the last week in some way or another.
  I have been really busy with a book project at school that I haven't got much reading done. This mini break will hopefully be the time for me to turn that around. I have added a few books to  my TBR list though and hope to get back into reading soon.

Elizabeth Norris
The Darkest Minds
Alexandra Bracken
Hannah Harrington
Born at Midnight
C.C. Hunter

What books did you find this week?