Saturday, November 24, 2012

#Friday Reads (11/23/12)

I wrote this up yesterday but forgot to post it yesterday So I will post it today and hope to make this a weekly post.
    This week I plan to finish 3 books
The Hobbit
I have to read this book for my English class and I really enjoy it so far and hope to see the movie next month when it comes out.
Second book
How to read a poem
I haven't read any nonfiction in quite sometime so I picked this up as well as the third book on my Friday reads. I like the book but I was expecting a book for people just getting into poetry and this book is defiantly for people who know a little bit about poetry which I do not.
Third book
What's your Story
I picked this book up because of NaNoWriMo  I thought a little tips and tricks could really help me this month and I really enjoy this book. I have learned a lot and it is helping me with my story. This book is rather short so it will hopefully be a quick read.

So that is it for my Friday Reads. What do you plan to read this weekend?


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