Saturday, October 6, 2012

Book Haul 9/25/12

First three books are from my public library

Beautiful Darkness 
grabbed this book after I finished the first in the series.
So far this one is SO much better than the first.

Hunger Games
I finally have taken the plunge!
I have already finished this book but I will not be writing a review

The daughter of Smoke and Bone 
so this book has been raved on in the booktuber community so I picked it up
reading it next after Beautiful Disaster.

These to books are from my school's library. I picked them up before I went to the public library
I just picked it up because it was new to my schools library 
read it already and a review will be posted tomorow 

Beautiful Chaos
I  picked this up thinking it was the second book!
will read this one soon but I got two weeks before I have to read it so it can wait.

Good reading to you

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