Monday, April 29, 2013

The Carrie Diaries by Candance Bushnell

The Carries Diaries 

Category Young Adult

Published by Balzer + Bray

Pages 389

Read in 2 days

Overall 2.5/5

As a first note I thought I would mention I haven't read anything by Candace Bushnell before. I also have not watched the movies for her books. I figured I should tell you that so when I right the review no one thinks I already knew some information about the series or biased in any way.

So the Carries Diaries is the first in a prequel to the Sex in The City series. The book takes place in the beginning of Carrie's senior year.  Basically the point of the series is to tell how Carrie ended up in the big  city.  In the first book Sebastian Kydd comes into town a bad boy that all the girls are falling in love with.  Carrie falls victim to his charm and ends up in a "relationship" with Sebastian. Beside the relationship Carrie discovers a secret about her best friend, Walt and has to face a betrayal by one of her best friends.

Carrie as a character goes though a growth from the beginning of the book to the end that seemed to take almost the whole book for her to develop and realize things that the reader noticed in the beginning. Through most of the book I was shaking my head and huffing at the characters behavior. A lot of what was going on made me frustrated and annoyed with the characters but there was enough side plots and interesting things that I wanted to continue the book and find out what happened.

I was honestly really frustrated with the book through most of the beginning and middle and the very end. Though there were really serious issues for me in this book I really liked that Carrie changed aspects of her personality towards the end. I wasn't completely happy with her in the end but I was starting to grow to like her and hope for the best. My favorite characters were Will and that was just because he wasn't ruined by being demanding and self centered like the rest of the main characters.

 Over all I felt the author really didn't grasp the area for the plot. It could of been written so much better and certain back plots just faded away. I know that this is only the first in a series but the book ended kinda abruptly and frustratingly but not in the good way that makes you want to read more. I probably won't read another in the Carries Diaries but I still plan to read Sex in The City since everyone says the books are complete opposites.


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