Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Challenges!!

Hey guys due to not posting at the beginning of the year I never got to post about the book challenge I was participating in this year. The  book challenge I am participating in is the Goodread book challenge. To see my progress on this one you can check the top left side bar where my results will be located during my challenge. I have decided to try to read 100 books this year and have set up some specific rules in which I will follow.

  1. Each book must be at least 100 pages long or a collection of stories that equal at least 100 pages(unless a classic)
  2. 12 books to be classics
  3. At least 20 books read in E-book format
  4. Read one book while listening to a audiobook.
So far I have read 40 books and 21 are in E-book format. 2 are classics and all follow my standards. I plan to read Alice in Wonderland as my audiobook soon.

I hope everyone is doing well for their challenges this year both small and large and if you have one this year and want to share some progress I am happy to read your comments. Happy reading!


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