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{Review} Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was written by John Boyne and published on  September 12th  2006 by David Fickling Books.


Berlin 1942

When Bruno returns home from school one day, he discovers that his belongings are being packed in crates. His father has received a promotion and the family must move from their home to a new house far far away, where there is no one to play with and nothing to do. A tall fence running alongside stretches as far as the eye can see and cuts him off from the strange people he can see in the distance.

But Bruno longs to be an explorer and decides that there must be more to this desolate new place than meets the eye. While exploring his new environment, he meets another boy whose life and circumstances are very different to his own, and their meeting results in a friendship that has devastating consequences. 


 In all honesty I don't even know what to write about for this book. I really wanted to love this book. Everyone I know absolutely loved this when I heard about it thought I would too.  In all honesty I try to not hear or watch anything to do with a book that I plan to read. For this book I couldn't really escape the influence because I watched the movie before I knew it was based on a book.

  To start off I was really intrigued by the concept and thought behind the book. One boy on each side of a fence befriending each other even though they come from two completely different worlds. However I found that the story was really unrealistic and the writing really was bothering me almost the whole time I was reading it.

One of the biggest things that bothered me was how the characters never acted the same age. Bruno the main character is 9 years old but in some scenes he acted very young but in others he acted above his age. Another big thing that bothered me was that  he called Auschwitz, "out-with" I could see an American child or a foreign child in general calling it that but not someone who is German since he speaks German and it is a German word. Also I didn't get any emotional connection to the characters that everyone was talking about. I believe it was because I read so much books and true accounts from the Holocaust that i wasn't able to connect with the characters at all. I felt that the author skipped over the parts that would of made me feel that connection. Just because the main character was  a child didn't mean his reads were in fact it put on the inside flap that it wasn't for children but was written like it was meant for them to read it.

I just felt like the author didn't do his research. Parts of the story just didn't correspond with what really happened in real life. Bruno and Schumel were so innocent and I can't find that realistic in real life Hitler portrayed his plans everywhere. In all the schools from the beginning the teachers preached Hitler's plans and feelings everywhere. The fact that Bruno's father was a Nazi meant he for sure should of got the lessons in school.

Remember guys this is just my opinion and I absolutely hate writing negatively about any book.
My rating 2/5

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