Monday, June 18, 2012

Bookmark Monday 1 Owl

Bookmark Monday is in its second week so I decided to join in!
So bookmark monday is a weekly meme where you share your favorite bookmarks(owned or not)
Since it is my first book mark monday I had to post this
My friends call me the night owl 
Wide awake at night always and usually with a book in hand
I just thought this would be a cute way to start my participation in Bookmark Monday


  1. That is a very cool bookmark. The owl seems to be cross-eyed trying to read the page below!

  2. Isn't he cute!? Love how the wings fold over the page. Did you make this?

    Thanks so much for joining in Bookmark Monday. I look forward to seeing more of your bookmarks!


    1. No, one of my friends made it for me!
      And thank you for such an interesting meme!