Monday, January 28, 2013


My blog has been pretty dead since the end of last year. I really wasn't very happy with what I was posting  and want to change what my blog is overly about. I still plan to post about books but reviewing every book that i read with a lot of detail isn't working for me at this time. Between school, work, and everything else it is really hard to post anything at all let alone a big complicated blog post that takes me forever to write. I am so behind on posting reviews about books it is not even funny.
  The books from last year I will put on my blog in time but it is not my top priority right now. So far this year I have read about 15 books and while start adding at least miniature reviews and ratings soon. I would rather have something posted on here than nothing at all.
 I also want to expand this blog to include things other than the books I have been reading. I also want to include things that are writing based and different topics. i love other things and really want to share them with everyone as well. i originally planned to create a different blog and start anew but I didn't want to change everything so quickly and I could always do that later if i change my mind.
  With the blog expressing me in a more broad spectrum posts will be more regular and more thought out and planned. Those who are already with me and those who have recently found my blog I hope you decide to stay with me as I make this journey.

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